Over Seven Years to Rebuild Brentford's High Street

Initial demolition to be complete by end of the year

View from Market Square
View from Market Square

Since the original Ballymore proposals for the land south of the high street were approved in 2013, residents may be forgiven for wondering when it might be finished given that works have only recently started.

Brentford Voice have acquired an indicative timetable for the full development in four phases:

Phase 1: Blocks A, B, C, K and G (marked in grey on the plan)

Block A (St. Lawrence’s Church & churchyard), previously in Phase 2, is now in Phase 1)

Now                 Installation of infrastructure services (sewers etc.)
by end 2019      Demolition of County Parade etc.
2020                Basement preparation (a longish job)
2021                Building of structures
2022                Fitting-out (including food store)
2023                Quarter 1 Phase 1 completed                    (335 flats)

Block D (LB Hounslow) – phasing is uncertain                     (96 flats)
Block G (Dock Road car park) part completed

Ballymore blocks

Phases 2 - 4

Completed          {Phase 2: Blocks J and L         }
by about             {Phase 3: Block E                  }              (461 flats)
2027                  {Phase 4: Blocks F and H        }

                                               Total for all phases:         (892 flats)

Phase 1
Phase 1 as seen from Brentford Dock


December 12, 2019