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Swyncombe Ave now a political toy.

So now it's political  Football time with featured teams playing at swyncome Ave Stadium of enlightenment.If the statement released is not an April 1st wheeze then it's a shame it would be a winner!But it is incredulous that its flawed in basic detailSwyncombe Ave is a wide straight road. Built with strengthened Sewers for heavier traffic to allow for those lanes and older roads that do not. Windmill Road and Northfields Ave being examples nearby.Swyncome does not have a CPZ. Why/ Because it cannot be profited from.Almost every property has garaging and off street parking. It is stuffed up with Traffic at  times because Windmill Road, Northfields Ave and South Ealing Road cannot cope with the increase in HGVs and general local traffic.At other times it's much the same as it's always been.Swyncombe Ave residents will also be stuck in the ensuing chaos just to reach their personal checkpoint charlie.No one will gain.South Ealing Road has been a no go zone for local traffic for nearly 24 months. and badly for the last 12.Lower Boston Road is now chaotic for most of the day even weekends and during the lockdown at it's peak.The fallout goes a long way. Swyncombe ave is a wide straight link road with ample off street parking. Windmill Road, Boston Manor road and all the other local roads cannot claim that luxury.This is messing about with a scheme that is completely flawed in every aspect.The losers in this are all those who rely on transportation to make a living, help others and balance time with work.Not everyone works in an environment where it's easy to rock up stinking of sweat and have a macbook and a perch as a workplace.

Raymond Havelock ● 11d7 Comments ● 3d

Gunnersbury Park Bowls Club and the Sports Hub

We are delighted to see that the Sports Hub is now open. The Bowls Club wishes every success for this enterprise.For the Bowls Club, the photograph in the article is particularly poignant in that it features the bowls pavilion and bowls green. The statements from officers of LB Hounslow and LB Ealing talk of delivering "important community, sports and leisure facilities for residents in the local area" and a vision for Gunnersbury Park "where local people can enjoy sport, beautiful green spaces and a rich local history long into the future.."Meanwhile, bowling in Gunnersbury Park is facing extinction after a history of 90 years. The Community Interest Company is bent on ensuring this fate through a policy of intentional neglect.Members and supporters of the Bowls Club have repeatedly been refused access to the site to carry out extremely urgent maintenance to the green. We learned yesterday that an expert and fully accredited third party has also been refused access by the CIC. This party had very kindly offered to carry out maintenance on behalf of the Bowls Club.The planning application from Putt in the Park has yet to be determined by Hounslow Planning Committee. We believe that by the time this decision is made, whether it is to refuse or to permit, the bowls green will be beyond repair.You may, as does the Bowls Club, wonder how it has been possible to arrive at this situation in what is, after all, a public park which was conceived to be for the benefit of the entire community.

Jim Storrar ● 4d0 Comments ● 4d

Spot the difference

From last week's councillor's blog.'The meeting about Boston Manor Park was lively, much as I expected. As a non-expert, I figure that if our own council parks people, Heritage Lottery, Historic England, landscape architects, professional ecologists come up with a plan after a lot of consultation, it won’t be far wrong but this is not always how people see it. I’ve worked quite hard over the years to try and improve engagement between the bevy of experts and local people who often have a different perspective and deserve to be heard.It’s apparent that there’s a disconnect in BMP, but I’m hoping the increased public engagement (and reacting to public views where appropriate) plus the park looking better as spring growth revives it, will help bring about a meeting of minds. Of course, not everyone will be satisfied, but I’m getting a few quiet appreciations of the changes amongst many protests.'Then read the article on this week's front page from Chris Longhurst re the future of Boston Manor Park.There appears to be a bit more than a 'disconnect' where this issue is concerned, and I fear Hounslow have a lot to learn and have given up listening or even caring what park users, residents and the stalwarts of the Friends group think.At the same time as this appalling state of affairs rumbles on, Hounslow are pushing the idea of 'Environmental Champions', we are told that they want people to get involved with various ideas in their communities to improve the environment - such as litter picks and wildflower meadows and tree planting, all laudable aims. However, there exists a network of volunteer groups already doing these things - a lot of them are local Friends groups, so the question is why not work with what you have and bring these ideas together? Why keep re-inventing the wheel. Of course any criticism brings forth accusations of 'dissing' the council or 'holding a grudge'. To say a number of people are fed-up with this attitude that does not allow for any independence of thought and has to be run by Hounslow, who of course have a shortage of staff which means many people spending hours trying to contact the living via e-mail, this is exacerbated by Covid - which is now the 'go to' excuse for all and sundry.Whether Hounslow want to admit it or not - they have dropped a real clanger where Boston Manor is concerned, and there are many of us who are absolutely fed-up to the back teeth with this heavy handed way of doing things. 'Disconnect'? that's putting it mildly.

Vanessa Smith ● 11d2 Comments ● 11d