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Fighting to save bowling in Gunnersbury Park

A great many of you were disgusted at the appalling way CIC treated the Gunnersbury Park Bowls Club and expressed your support for our fight, so here's an update. Putt in the Park, with the backing of the CIC, put in a planning application, which would involve destroying the bowling green in order to turn it into crazy golf and use the pavilion as a restaurant/cafe. The first application was refused. They have now put in another application. Since the project remains the same, if there were a level playing field this application should also be refused. But who knows what's going on in the background...Our task now is to make sure the Planning Committee know how much we value the bowling facility and want it to continue. Our objections should be sent to under the email title :Bowls Green and Pavilion, Gunnersbury Park, W3 8LQ (Ref: P/2020/3080) by 30 October 2020. Bowling is an almost a century-old tradition in GP, it's excellent to maintain physical health, to promote wellbeing and good mental health, to help combat obesity, to prevent loneliness and isolation in the older community. It should remain in the park as an amenity for posterity, costing the councils not a penny as it would continue to be maintained and looked after by the members as it has for so many years. If we win our fight, anyone can come along on their own or with friends to try bowling. We can provide free instruction to get you started and also the free use of equipment. You'll really enjoy it! So send in your objections and let us safeguard bowling in GP!

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