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What happens to found dead family pets?

Greetings.  Northumberland Avenue, like many roads, has been badly affected by traffic taking short cuts to get to the A4.  The speed is supposed to be 20mph, but it is the style of driving that is so dangerous.  Foot to the floor, then brake.  The driver in the meantime is staring to the end of the road - not driving along the road - this is really bad on Northumberland Avenue and Wood Lane when the cars are trying to beat the railway crossing lights so have this glazed fixed stare from the moment the level crossing comes into view.The road space between where they start, to where they are looking, (end of road ,) is really dangerous for pedestrians, young and old, and family pets.  There are numerous schools and the children need to be free and safe to walk there.Son, on his way to work this morning came across a young black cat, recently hit and sadly dead.  It was about 3 foot from the kerb and the other drivers speeding along were  intent on squashing it flat.  My neighbours cat was squashed flat in the same area.  Son couldn’t get fluids on his work clothes so while he waited for me to come with a bag he tried to protect it.  The pavement was full of young children all walking to school and one driver was about 6 inches from her head.  What is it with the rush hour mentality? I always thought the dustmen ( who came about 40 mins after this ) had a chip reader to see if an animal is chipped, but I wonder if that is the case and what do they do when it is obviously a family pet?A trip to Youngs Vet in Lampton road and we found out she was chipped and they rang a distraught owner.

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