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Unsolved West London Murders.

In March 2023, The commissioner of the Met Police Sir Mark Rowley admitted the force has 'racists, misogynists and homophobes' in its ranks – as Home Secretary Suella Braverman blasted 'serious failings of culture, leadership and standards' at Scotland Yard. On 6th April I sent a lengthy email to Mark Rowley pleading with him to review The Hammersmith Nudes' murders of the 1960's. I told him that I am in contact with adult children and other members of 6 of the murder victims.  I told him that many of the victims' family members are convinced that if the victims were police women, doctors, nurses or solicitors there would have been a review. On April 11 I recieved the following."Dear Mr Milkins,My apologies for the delayed response. I have forwarded this matter to the appropriate team for their review and direct reply to you.Kind regards,*****  ********      *********  | Inspector | Staff Officer to the Commissioner."Today I received a a phone call from New Scotland Yard followed by the following email.Dear Mr Milkins "It was good to speak to you on the phone just now, and as promised, I am emailing to confirm my details. I recognise the huge amount of dedication you have put into your investigations and I am sorry that these terrible murders remain unsolved, despite your efforts.There have been various reviews conducted regarding these cases over the years and I know you were in contact with DC Paul Rogers in 2007, and most recently, DC Adam Bailey in 2020. It remains the case as per DC Bailey’s letter that the links between Harold Jones and the victims are not substantive enough to enable a definitive finding that he was responsible for their deaths. I hope you understand that because Jones died in 1971 and there is no additional material further to what has been looked at in the above reviews, we won’t be reviewing the cases again at this time.Having said that, I know you are determined to continue with your work, and if there is something substantive and probative that you find that you would like to bring to our attention in the future, please do so.I wish you all the best."DC *****   ****** | CSC - Major InquiriesSpecial Casework TeamTHE MUST GO ON. AND IT WILL.

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Time for a change?

So, Sadiq Khan is claiming that the “silent majority” support his plans to charge us a huge daily amount to drive on our roads.  Does he think that we would believe that only people who are strongly against these measures will speak out, and those who are strongly in favour will just sit quietly by?  He is using the same dishonest tactics used by our local council – to ignore or discredit the results of their own consultations that are verifiably and resolutely against their plans, in favour of inventing conversations with mystery persons that appear to support them.  I think that we are all in favour of better air quality, but is this going to produce a significant and measurable improvement?  And is this the best use of our money at this time?  We are experiencing the highest inflation in a generation, we have fuel poverty, a social care crisis, a mental health epidemic, an influx of refugees from a war – I could go on.  So, what are our Labour administrations in Hounslow and City Hall prioritising – building cycle lanes and fining us for using our cars to get to work.  How can they justify a 5% council tax rise locally, and a whopping 10% increase for the GLA, when people can’t heat their homes or feed their families?  These people have become complacent and expect to be returned time after time, so make no effort to truly represent their constituents or take our views into account when they’re spending OUR money.  When you’re next in the supermarket wondering what you can afford to eat, think of the millions being spent on these pointless schemes.  I think it is time that these people – both in Hounslow and City Hall, who have shown no interest in truly representing us and are happy to raise taxes and fritter away our money on grandiose and pointless schemes, need to be voted out at the first opportunity – literally anyone else would be better than this lot.

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Update on energy companies SSE and OVO.

ILLEGAL TRANSFER FROM ENERGY PROVIDER SSE TO OVO.A response given on Trustpilot on 26-1-23  by energy provider SSE regarding my illegal transfer from energy company SSE to energy company OVO which are part of the same company."Hi, Thank you for your recent email, I apologise for the delay in my response.We appreciate you contacting us. When I check your account, it has already been transferred to OVO Energy. As a result, your account has been closed and we no longer have access to it. I suggest you to get in touch with OVO Energy because they are the team that can assist you.Thank you for contacting SSE."John from OVO has informed me that I was tricked by SSE to sign up to OVO with a false promise of a £50 energy credit.And the response given on Trustpilot by OVO. Thanks for getting back to me, Neil.I've checked over your account and I can see you've managed to reach the team. I am sorry that the letter has caused such confusion, but the install would have had to have been with SSE.Thanks,Dave.Both SSE and OVO are continuing to argue that the other party are to blame for the illegal transfer. I have to wait about 7 weeks for SSE and OVO to sort the mess out before the Energy Ombudsman will intervene. Anyone wishing to change energy providers would be wise to check on Trustpilot the company they are thinking of using before deciding. SSE and OVO are having shocking reviews. See part of Which magazine review of OVO below.                                                              "Ovo Energy came near the bottom of the table in 13th place out of 16 energy companies rated by 10,197 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey. This is a big drop from last year, when it came joint second. It had poor two-star ratings for almost all of the aspects of service we looked at, managing an average three stars for just one - the accuracy of its payments."One dissatisfied customer said: 'It’s impossible to contact them. Online options don’t make it easy to solve problems.'

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Hounslow Expands Council Home Building Programme

I have some questions about this item.(1) The total money being used for the 1000 new homes is, according to the report, a grant of £168m and borrowing of £289m. That's a total of £457m. So it would appear that each home is to be built at a cost of £457,000. Isn't that rather expensive? What will be the mix of the homes in terms of the number of bedrooms? Will the homes be built on Council-owned land?(2) 2) Cllr Tom Bruce is quoted as saying that Hounslow has "a fantastic track record of delivering homes for local people". But when we turn to the Council's published assessment of its housing record the picture seems rather different. The Council's Housing Strategy 2019-2014 tells us that population growth in the borough is exceeding the provision of new homes and that this is producing a trend towards more overcrowding (page 36). The same document informs us that the demand for larger family homes is increasing. Another Council housing publication says that 50% of new homes need to be larger family homes (3+ bedrooms).The Local Plan says that new developments should have at least 30% of larger family homes (in the market and social/affordable sectors). And yet the Planning Committee approves large developments like that for the Tesco-Homebase sites that don't come near meeting even the Local Plan requirement. It is not clear to me how this can be described as a "fantastic" provision of homes for local people?(3) Are the thousand new homes promised additional to the 5000 new homes promised in the Housing Strategy 2019-2014 or are they a repackaging of part of that 5000? The report implies that they are extra to the 5000. I would just like to be clear that that is the case.

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Did we miss the Ballymore.Open Day?  The Council didn't !

I've found the following texts on an obscure  Ballymote website... and the reference to Hounslow Council's leader Steve Curran makes me wonder whether WE/US are blind as bats.. and haven't a clue how our Elected Officers are dealing with the future of Brentford.WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF IT?Just bear with me.. I've uplifted this lot on a dodgy mobile phone.You may be aware that our Town is being extensively promoted abroad to Developers and Financiers, spectulators.and more... read on!......................ENGLISH 简体中文 繁體中文BallymoreWE ARE BALLYMOREARTS AND CULTUREIt’s hotting up at The Brentford ProjectTemperatures soared to the hottest day of the year for the launch of The Brentford Project on Saturday June 1, the new arts and culture summer festival of music, yoga, fun and food celebrating a new chapter for one of west London’s best-kept secrets.Nearly 1,000 local residents, joined by neighbours from nearby Hounslow, Chiswick and Kew, basked in temperatures of 27.6 degrees on the banks of the River Brent with music from Donel, this year’s runner up in The Voice talent show and Michael Rice, the UK’s contender in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.VIPs attending the event included the leader of Hounslow Council, Councillor Steve Curran, who proclaimed: “The Brentford Project is the rebirth of Brentford. We’ve been waiting a long time for this day, and I’m really excited about what this means for Brentford and for the future.“Without question, the Brentford Project will bring a vitality to the town, lots of people have been waiting a long time for it, and now it’s here I think they’ll be delighted. Brentford’s a special place. It’s a special place in South West London and it’s a special place in Hounslow.”He was joined by John Mulryan, group managing director of Ballymore, whose redevelopment of the yards and lanes between the high street to the waterfront will bring a lively mix of restaurants, bars and retail to complement a new residential quarter. John explained:“The Brentford Project is an initiative to try to engage with the community and bring people in, and make sure that as we develop the town centre, it’s done with the community”“It’s trying to get people to really help us to create this town centre. When you develop in a town like this, the key thing is that you develop in a way that encourages the spirit of the town to grow, by engaging in the community through culture, through arts, through creativity, through design.”It’s hotting up at The Brentford Project Chef Robin Gill serves up pizzas from the wood-fired oven at Rye by the WaterAt the launch, friends and families enjoyed delicious fresh pastries and sausage rolls from Brentford’s new bakery and restaurant, Rye by the Water, who turned out more than 1,000 specially-baked pizzas – with a little help from celebrity Irish chef Robin Gill who joined new head chef Ben Rand and Janine Edwards, head baker, in the bakery.Another big attraction was the classic car collection of the Duke of London with enthusiasts driving their own cars to showcase at the event.The following week on Thursday June 6, a Beer and Blues event will take place at Rye by the Water with a chance to sample some of west London’s finest craft beers served against a backdrop of blues by Brentford’s very own Robert Hokum.And on July 11 visitors can join a start-up masterclass with local entrepreneur Merlin McCormack, the man behind Duke of London who will share his knowledge, tips and tricks for building a successful business.Looking ahead to July 6, Zen in the City will feature yoga and mindfulness classes with RJ Mind Body while on Saturday August 31, the ‘makers of Brentford’ will be coming together for a showcase of the best arts and crafts the area has to offer, with creative workshops and an art exhibition curated by local artist groups.Finally in mid-August, the Changing Face of Brentford will peel back the layers of the area’s rich history revealing some fascinating insights with the Brentford & Chiswick Local History Society with a private dinner hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Rye by the Water.Visit for more information or to book your place.SHARERelated Articles“A community of creative people who want to help each other”VIDEOARTS AND CULTURE“A community of creative people who want to help each other”READ MOREBrentford Waterside gets the go aheadPROPERTYBrentford Waterside gets the go aheadCivic leaders have cut the ribbon on the commencement of work on one of the most ambitious and extensive regeneration projects along London’s waterside at Brentford.READ MOREARCHIVE STORIESNEWSOPINIONBALLYMORE PEOPLEPROPERTYUNDER THE SKINVIDEOARTS AND CULTUREWELLNESSABOUTOUR PROJECTSIN THE NEWSRESIDENTIALCOMMERCIALGET IN TOUCHCAREERSFACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM LINKEDINHELP HUBtwitter / BALLYMOREinstagram  / ASKBALLYMOREPRIVACY POLICYMODERN SLAVERYCOOKIESTERMS & CONDITIONSTAX STRATEGYBUILDING SAFETY PLEDGE © BALLYMORE 2022

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