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An open letter for helpWe haven’t heard a thing from Ealing regarding moving the trees, apart from an email from them last Thursday saying that their contractors had had a meeting with the crane company.  As now we have been able to see that there are 3 trees all tangled together. I don’t understand why Ealing are not talking to us. Surely they can’t just turn up and start the work, I’m starting to break down with the stress. It’s not just about the trees. It’s the chaos that’s going to descend on us without proper preparation. It’s about the damage that they need to talk to us about replacing or repairing. but there is so much more damage and I’m so pulled down by it I’m having stress panic attacks. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since this all happened, My summer house is now beyond any repair and the stuff in it is only good for the skip, who’s going to clear that and replace everything. The busted up fence post have ripped brick work we paid a lot of money for years ago. My whirlybird Gig washing line is busted like a pretzel. The kids trampoline is destroyed, let alone the stress and fear that we are having to deal with every day is overwhelming. Now every time we get any wind the downed tree knocks against the house and it’s terrifying, we pointed out to Ealing that they have another tree next to our house that is as big or bigger danger in coming down, I’m just worn out, I told them about the damage to my ankle from tripping on debris they should have cleared and nothing, should I see a solicitor. Or just go to the news people. Don’t we deserve some respect, instead we are treated like mushrooms. I’m sorry, I just need someone to push Ealing and tell them that they need someone to come here and speak to us about putting this whole mess right. So we can have our lives back.

Teresa Brent ● 82d