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Labour Party record on environmental issues

It is interesting to see in a recent posting how opposition to this council’s road closures is seen as anti-environmental – emotive phrases like “gas guzzlers” being used, as though this is indeed a “green” policy. What about LBH’s other policies – are they so green? What will be the environmental cost of tearing down Tesco in Osterley and rebuilding it less than a mile away – or Morrisons – or Watermans – or any or the other council-supported acts of architectural sabotage. Is the demolition of fairly modern, and perfectly fit for purpose, buildings good for the people of Hounslow? What about the scrapping of free garden waste collection – how many extra journeys to the council tip, and tonnes of carbon dioxide, has this generated – another “green” policy? Or what about LBH’s woeful record on recycling – this website ranks this borough as 21st out of 33 London boroughs, or 297 out of 345 in England, for the amount of household waste being recycled – an appalling failure. Labour administration has clearly failed completely in its responsibility to environmental issues – it’s time to get rid of these dinosaurs from the last century and elect people fit for the challenge of 21st century life, with honest policies that will actually benefit all of us – rather than the LTN lies and relentless over-development that we have become used to.

Graham Thorpe ● 68d7 Comments