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It's a public health and safety issue.Whilst the potty and narrow minded decisions of Councils cause more problems then they ever solve, thats the norm. to be expected of anything that ain't broke, so meddle with it.But there should be a higher degree of expectation from residents to at least dal with the weeds outside their property i.e. garden wall, path/ pavement border etc.  It's not much to ask and not much for a more able neighbour to do an elderly or less able neighbours.But once some weeds get established they can be a nightmare to remove or contain.But in our current society it has become almost something of disdain to do such a thing.  " Look at that nutter over there sweeping outside her house."In reality that 'Nutter' ought to be commended.Stopping use of weedkillers is fine as long as there is an effective alternative.But as usual a half cocked decision based on modelled facts and false claims.Really an issue hijacked and manipulated to avoid the stigma of cost cutting.Except the costs could be huge in insurance and damage claims further up the line.But that seems to be deemed an acceptable risk.  Very few pursue as it's made so hard to do.All this just reflects the wilful degeneration of the urban environment exemplified by the increase in large Brown Rats, now prolific even in broad daylight near Gillette Corner but running round all over the place.Reminds me very much of New York in the early 1980s. So run down, poorly maintained and neglected.  Took an almighty effort to sort it out. But they did.It really is starting to look knackered here, Trees ripped out from years of neglect, Pavements still in a state, Potholes still dominating side streets.Rather embarrassing for the "Worlds Best Local Council" if pictures go viral.

Raymond Havelock ● 71d