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It's very true that those who have the least are often the most generous - even if what they have is very modest. But it is also frustrating that so many who have lived here all their working lives and are adversely affected by recent issues from Covid through to the leap in living costs, the many who have lost their incomes or are baling out their businesses and those who are incapacitated from short term illness are being completely refused any benefits often based on a shortfall in NI payments during the first year of the Covid lockdown.Yet people who have paid no NI at all get just about every benefit available.Why are people who are also struggling or having to live off their life savings who have paid in for 35-40 years and have only a short dip from unforeseen circumstances not of their own doing be locked out?Very annoying that Council offers of help on Council Tax are all hot air and subject to means testing and holding of assets and only applies to those who qualify for other benefits.In the real word a home owner can actually be on a far lower income than a council home tenant and equally affected by Covid or the cost of living crisis. This is even more so with self- employed or very small business operators for who there are very few safety nets and yet pay Full Tax and NI.  I have many lifelong friends who live and lived in Council Houses and facts who earn a great deal more than me but worked in 'Priority sectors' which are deemed low income.  Except thats usually the starting grades and not what you earn if you are good, reliable and move up the grades.Which I have to say has always been true of all of them.

Raymond Havelock ● 72d