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My first contribution to this busy topic. Pity it's so frequently polluted by Mr SH's ascerbic comments. I cannot remember him ever garnering an approving response so at least we haven't descended into Musk-style invective on this forum. Just the occasional ranter to make us sigh. Back to the subject. We voted against a CPZ twice when we lived for decades over in North Kew, the last free parking area in the whole of Kew. But in the end there were just too many people parking their weekend cars there, going on holiday or just commuters prepared to walk 10 mins to the station. So since we moved across to Brentford the N Kew residents finally gave in. They report that it's now much easier to park. I think happy CPZ decisions are where there are easily enough spaces (like our current Butts CPZ). The unhappy ones (eg round Orchard Rd?) are where the residents are the real problem, too many in narrow-fronted houses with multiple cars. Perhaps Hounslow should charge even more for 2nd and 3rd permits. And it is true that CPZs are pretty compelling around stations and in town centres. They displace parking to the next area away which makes residents there feel they have no choice, and so on. With all these new flats in Brentford with no or expensive parking, Mr Havelock is absolutely right that it is becoming very difficult for anyone who really needs a vehicle to earn a living. That's the way things seem to be going, and if you drive through areas with more provision for private parking, eg Whitton, West Brentford and Osterley, you do see a lot of parked vans.

Eric Baker ● 93d

What a load of tosh, as usual.If they were that expensive to implement they wouldn’t be put in. The initial costs aren’t significant compared to the income generated and the lines and signage, once in place, are untroubled with maintenance for years.The enforcement is the easy part, of course. Wardens patrol streets, including on mopeds, and fines issued go into the pot.Ealing makes a large amount from CPZ permit charges, including visitor ones. Perhaps Lambert could either price what he says by producing some figures or admit he’s just making stuff up again.Yes, surplus is ring fenced but not spent on maintaining roads or pavements in most areas.There was a major problem in this area with commuter and airport parking and I was happy to see a CPZ introduced to combat that, but as others point out here it’s been abused by the authorities as a convenient tax raiser from vehicle owners (not just cars, of course). Ealing compounds its disregard for residents by whoring out all zones to zipcar, with no consultation with residents or notice of the introduction of the scheme. Conveniently that company benefits from council policy, to the detriment of CPZ permit holders who often can’t park anywhere near their homes.And before lambert gets on his high horse (careful you don’t topple off old chap) the inconsistency in such policy is glaring. You either say all cars are bad and stop everything rather than give favours to car hire companies, or you go back to the common sense approach of freedom of choice.That’s the trouble with you Labour types. You just can’t help but think everything you do, say or think is the right thing.

Simon Hayes ● 146d