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I think this is a much wider issue than someone trying to bag a bit of the public highway for themselves. It reminds me of the one time we went to Tenerife, with our daughter. The sunbeds round our hotel pool were stacked and chained ech evening and unlocked at 6am. By the time we woke up they'd all been bagged, with towels and books left on them over breakfast, against the (unenforced) hotel rules. One day 4 sunbeds had remained bagged from 6am but devoid of human occupancy by midday! So everyone round that area co-operated in chucking their towels into muddy puddles, laying their books in dry places and moving the bedchairs for real use. When the selfish miscreants (English, I'm afraid) finally came back to take possession they were quite discombobulated and annoyed. But they didn't say a word, and just slunk off. Leaving a newly friendly multi-national group behind. When we lived in Kew I used to put "Pavements are for people" stickers on the windscreens of cars illegally parked on the pavement. No damage at all but it meant the drivers had to spend a few minutes getting the sticky label off when they returned. It worked a treat, changed behaviour. Why not try a "Selfish parker" sticker on the car that has to be outside the driver's house? Especially when it's parked out of range of the spy camera? Incidentally, what is the legal position on taking covert videos of people without consent? I don't know and we don't have a dashcam, cctv or spy doorbell. But I think a doorblee with video was crucial in identifying Wayne Couzens, so they can be good.

Eric Baker ● 87d