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Guy has made a reference to being killed.In both instances getting killed as either pedestrian or cyclist on a road in the UK is amongst the lowest on the planet.Getting injured either moderately or badly is far more likely.And all people ought to be responsible for their own actions.If you knowingly step out into the road either glued to a phone, or wearing headphones and don't take extra care or simply without looking or expecting anything moving to stop immediately, then it's who's fault?TfL sought to kill off the open platform bus.  They put a load of press releases out claiming how dangerous and how many were being killed. ( again, like another statistic they have more recently used, untrue.)Of course, over 100 years and billions of passengers, there is likely to be accidents and fatalities, but most were actually misuse by passengers own action.  i.e. jumping off the bus whilst it's moving, larking around or being too drunk.  TfL ommitted to add that a large number of passengers have been maimed or killed having been dragged along by doored buses having had something trapped in the doors, nor the large amount of falls by less able from the lack of a conductor, particularly or earlier driver only buses. - similar happens on the Tube but not much mentioned about that either.If you are not a fully competent cyclist, not able to ride one or no handed, can't look over your shoulder without losing your balance and prefer not to obey traffic lights and junction markings then It is rather prudent to wear a helmet.Just like in any sport if you go the extra mile in serious competition then you have more protective kit than if you just have a knockabout in a park - if it's not cordoned off for events all season.

Raymond Havelock ● 73d