Young Local Writers Featuring in Showcase Event

Hounslow Action for Youth writing workshop participants in #MadeInLDN Speak Out

One of the participants in the workshop

Hounslow Action for Youth’s (HAY) creative writing workshop participants are to be featured in a special live IGTV showcase event, called #MadeInLDN Speak Out.

The event which takes place next Thursday (17 September) has been created by Apple and supported by the Mayor of London.

It is an Apple local social initiative, in its second year, running as a pilot in London before looking to expand worldwide. In London it has run with the support of the Mayor of London.

#MadeInLDN offers a series of free, creative workshops delivered by young, local creatives. It has partnered with two local charities: Hounslow Action for Youth (HAY) and All Change Arts, to provide opportunities for London's underprivileged and vulnerable young women (ages 15-22).

Due to the challenges of lockdown and Covid-19, the program was delivered virtually, but the young people taking part said it had an incredible impact of on their lives. They said quite often it was a lifeline to the outside world, and a way to stay connected at a time when young people felt very vulnerable.

Artwork produced by one of the group

There were seven sessions, along with partner workshops provided by HAY and All Change Arts for the young women:

Rakaya Fetuga - Program host (OPENING SESSION)
Kat Francois (TOPIC - Gender, power, womanhood)
Sukina Pilgrim (TOPIC - Selfcare and positive affirmations)
Sophia Thakur (TOPIC - from your heart to your lips- what do they care about, what is important to them, what would they say openly if they could?)
Muneera Pilgrim (TOPIC - how our stories shape us, using our heritage to influence our writing)
Amaal Said (TOPIC - Visual session - creating faceless selfies)
Poetcurious (TOPIC - using art to manipulate photos, putting our poems into art)

The 'Speak Out Showcase' is happening 17 September at 6pm on a specially created channel that Apple will manage.

This is the culmination of the program, and will have performances, readings, dance and more.

September 11, 2020